Masterclass: Nick Winston

24 September, 2021

Nick Winston is an International Director and Choreographer working in theatre and television. He has a huge portfolio of material and has most recently worked on Disney’s revival of Beauty and the Beast as well as the new British film Tomorrow Morning.

Nick works with our students teaching them material from his contrasting shows giving the students the valuable opportunity to learn content from current shows that are touring or in the West End. His unique way of delivering and giving feedback has facilitated many of our students to work professionally with Nick once they have graduated.

Here’s what Performers College student Ben Whitnall had to say about the experience;

Ben Whitnall

“Nick Winston held an incredibly inspiring workshop with us as third years working on the content from his version of ‘We Will Rock You’. This routine included dynamic and powerful movement with a different, internal narrative. This was an amazing learning opportunity to learn current, challenging choreography with the knowledge of the choreographer. I gained a lot of experience from this workshop on how to add my own individuality into an audition!”

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