Industry Partners

Performers College is part of the larger performing arts communities. We are associated with a number of institutions and organisations across the UK. This gives us the opportunity to expand the learning and training experience for our students, enabling them to extend beyond our institute.

Everyone at Performers College works together to guide our students to become the performers and creatives that the entertainment industry around the world demands.

BIMM Institute

BIMM Institute is Europe’s largest, most connected music institute with eight colleges based in vibrant musical cities across the UK, Ireland and Germany, including London, Brighton and Birmingham. As part of BIMM Institute, Performers College has close links with these successful music colleges. This connectivity offers great scope for collaboration for musical theatre and dance students from Performers College and the musicians, entrepreneurs, and producers from BIMM Institute.

Screen and Film School

We are thrilled that Performers College Birmingham will be neighbours and close collaborators with the prestigious Screen and Film School. Our students will have the opportunity to work with industry filmmakers and hone their acting for camera skills. Screen and Film School students often require actors for their short films and music videos and will be auditioning our students for these projects regularly.

Mass Movement

Mass Movement is a renowned and highly respected agency of 15 years, based in London. Their carefully curated roster of global talent includes actors, dancers, models, influencers and specialists across all genres. Our partnership with Mass Movement has been monumental in bringing some of the most incredible student work experiences to life. Most recently, 120 students performed live at the UEFA EURO 2021 Closing Ceremony to a crowd of 90,000.

Birmingham Royal Ballet
Birmingham Royal Ballet

The Birmingham Royal Ballet was founded in 1931, and since then, has made it their mission to be one of the world’s best classical ballet companies. The BRB is respected for its excellence, artistic innovation and social responsibility that connects with its audiences and communities in its home city of Birmingham, throughout the UK and across the world. Performers College Birmingham students will have access to performances, backstage tours, talks and Masterclasses with company members throughout the year.

TIRED Movement
TIRED Movement

Tired Movement’s mission is to unite the dance community with a seamless line of communication that both educates and motivates teachers of our future generation. Creating a movement that is inclusive, informative and provides a safe space for honest conversations along with inciting regular observations of the appropriate delivery of inclusive dance education. TIRED movement aims to remove the fear of discussing racism amongst peers and colleagues and to ensure that good practices within the dance industry are adhered to.

SHADES Dancewear
SHADES Dancewear

SHADES dancewear is an inclusive UK brand that allows dancers to retain their identity and embrace their ethnicity from the minute they step into their first dance class.  We believe SHADES dancewear will revolutionize the way dancers of all skin tones view themselves, in a space that has yet to fully acknowledge inclusivity. SHADES dancewear is the first UK dance brand to provide four shades of skin tone in all of their products in all child and adult sizes. They are also the first brand in the globe to offer male dance supports in four shades too.

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