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PMA aims to facilitate the students of Performers College whilst still in training to gain valuable experience and guide them towards a successful career and beyond. PMA has built up strong links with leading industry professionals and companies, and their clients’ impressive destinations are proof of this.

PMA was launched in 2006 by Mandy Oliver who trained at Bush Davies & Bird College. Following a successful and varied career within the industry she took on the challenging role of running PMA. In 2008, as the agency evolved, Tina Holmes, already an established agent, was appointed to help run this ever expanding agency. Together they have a wealth of knowledge, great connections and a true passion for the industry.

The commitment to the students’ professional path is exemplary. The single focus for career opportunities drives the in-house agency to strive for excellence within the arts industry. Over the years the objective has been to foster a culture, encompassing a diverse range of industry placements. This has allowed for a broad spectrum of job and networking opportunities.

Through expert nurturing and continued professional guidance, we are confident that the calibre of our graduating student is upheld. The in-house team believes they can best leverage the students’ unique talents and abilities to support their professional goal.

Phoebe Samuel Grey

"PMA supported me on the huge stepping stone from training into the industry. Throughout our third year, we were provided with so many opportunities to learn audition technique. We had weekly workshops with current industry professionals in a variety of genres, which allowed us to learn from their knowledge and to network. This was a highlight for me as I felt it helped me gain confidence and understand what to expect when heading into real auditions, as well as getting to practice preparing for an audition scenario. Making that transition into my first professional contract, PMA have been there every step of the way to support and guide me and I couldn’t be happier!"
Phoebe Samuel Grey - Graduate of 2021

Aims & Objectives

The agency’s strategic aims and objectives enhance greatly on the students journey towards the employability skill set. We continue to invite up to date, on trend industry creatives in all genres to work with our graduating year all of whom offer a true reflection of today’s industry.

Whilst we pride ourselves on the industry connections we nurture, it is equally important for us to forge and maintain strong links with external Agents who offer both Musical Theatre and Commercial representation for our graduate’s onward journey.

Performers College is incredibly proud of its in-house agency and the service it provides, developing a safe and sustained career platform for our student cohort.

Jamie Lambert

"Throughout my time at college I was always enthralled by the vast array of opportunities provided and this excitement was consistently invigorated by the Agency as they would pave our way into the professional world by opening a set of tremendous doors for us.
Jamie Lambert - Graduate of 2021

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For any questions regarding PMA or if you’d like more information on how to apply to Performers College, please contact our Enquiries Team on 01273 840 346 or email [email protected].


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