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Performers College is exceptionally proud of the success and longevity of its alumni. The versatility of our graduates is what makes them stand out in the crowd. Our alumni can be seen in West End Shows, UK and International Tours, on Broadway, appearing in prestigious Television Programmes, on Cruise Ships and performing Worldwide.


The training at Performers College is specifically created and designed to allow our students to explore every aspect of the performing arts industry. In addition to many of our alumni transitioning into performing roles within the business, we also facilitate within our training, the opportunity for our students to become the next generation of performing arts tutors, presenters, and leading creatives within the industry.

This versatility of our graduates is a testament to the outstanding training available at Performers College. In a business that is continually evolving it is extremely important to us as a training provider to keep up to date with the leading trends and performance opportunities available to our students.

Facilitated by our on-site agency, PMA, our students are guided from the first day that they start their training right up until they graduate. This specialist care and guidance allows each student an individual experience whilst training. Personal career path discussions and expert advice allow us to get to know each student individually and advise the best individual path possible for each individual.


Whilst training at Performers College we are often able to offer professional performance opportunities which allow our students to experience working with leading professionals, and casting directors and in some of the biggest venues in the UK and worldwide. In 2021 we performed alongside Dua Lipa at the Brit Awards and at the closing ceremony of the UEFA Euro Closing Ceremony to 90,000 people! We have also had students travel to perform throughout the UK, to Dubai, Canada and the USA to name just a few.

One thing is for sure, here at Performers College we want you to succeed. Our alumni success speaks for itself….be sure to check the vast array of featured alumni and alumni destinations on our website. Our alumni provide constant inspiration for our students throughout their training; their success is our success and pride.

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College Objectives

  • To regularly review course structure, curriculum and teaching quality to ensure standards of achievement are high and relevant to the intended profession
  • To provide the necessary facilities and a high calibre of staff
  • To provide guidance and support to both staff and students
  • To ensure that continual challenges are presented in order to raise personal standards
  • To provide staff with a suitable working environment and encourage continued professional development
  • To ensure graduates have achieved a level of attainment that allows successful and varied employment with awareness for continual professional development

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Why Performers College


"It’s simple. Performers College is a centre of excellence, training students for the demands and rigour of the industry. It has a caring and nurturing community, providing not only excellence in training but also in developing independent, self-motivated and disciplined performers. It has an impressive and diverse range of graduate destinations and understands the need for transferable skills to enable longevity of career paths. In summary, it is the place to be."
Nikki O’Hara - Course Leader BA (Hons) Principal Lecturer – Contemporary

"Not only are the facilities and faculty at Performers exceptional, but many of our staff have worked within the performing arts industry in their specialised fields (which I think is paramount), bringing back and sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience with our students to help them understand and stay current, ready for a career in the performing arts. Here at Performers, not only do we look for potential, passion and drive when we audition our potential new students, but we promise to offer a nurturing and supportive environment that will help them grow and support the skills they have already gained."
Kieran Jae - Principal Lecturer – Musical Theatre

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"The teachers at Performers have a vast range of industry experience at the very highest level of Musical Theatre and Dance. Just as importantly, they are also great teachers! The college has always been known for its outstanding dance training, but in recent times, there has been an increased focus on all aspects of Musical Theatre, and it is the ideal place to develop your skills as an all-around performer."
Andy Rapps - Principal Lecturer – Singing

"In my opinion, Performers college has dedicated tutors with a disciplined and professional approach in conjunction with a friendly and caring atmosphere. We provide cutting edge, forward-thinking tuition, developing students into industry-ready professionals. We help students develop their confidence and self-belief, not just for their chosen profession but for life."
Tony Parrie - Principal Lecturer – Jazz


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For questions on how you can join Performers College please contact our Admissions Team on 01375 672 053 or email [email protected].


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