Alumni Success – Savannah Ffrench choreographs new music video for International Day of Sign Language featuring dancer and deaf artist Lydia Mackett.

19 October, 2022

Composer and pianist Alexis Ffrench has collaborated with filmmaker Ted Evans and alumni of Performers College Savannah Ffrench and Lydia Mackett to create a new video for Ffrench’s One Look Reprise. Released on 23rd September, the International Day of Sign Languages, the video features creative sign combined with dance with the aim of making classical music accessible to the deaf community.

Ffrench said: ‘I was delighted to work with director, Ted Evans in bringing to life his sweeping vision for One Look (Reprise) - amplifying my desire to widen participation in classical music by making it a more inclusive space, where all talents are welcomed and celebrated.’

Evans, who is profoundly deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other, worked with choreographer Savannah Ffrench and graduate of Performers College dancer and deaf artist Lydia Mackett who incorporates British Sign Language (BSL) into her movements throughout the video.

Evans said: ‘I’d love to see more deaf people involved in the making of music videos like One Look Reprise, not just with the translation of lyrics but with visualisation and exploring different ways of interpreting a song or a concept. Music doesn’t have to be something we only experience with our ears.’

Ted Evans and Lydia Mackett appear in the video courtesy of Deaf Talent Collective, a consultancy organisation which works with British deaf talent, directors, producers and creative professionals. The collective also provided BSL consultants & interpreters for the One Look Reprise video.

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