Tony Parrie

Principal Lecturer, Jazz and Tap

Tony Parrie graduated from Bird College and started his employment in television, dancing in ‘The Tim Rice Tribute Special’ and continuing to do numerous TV series including, Summertime Special, Brian Connelly Show, Live at the Palladium and Stars in Their Eyes, while performing in a Variety of Royal Gala performances. He was an assistant choreographer on Stars in Their Eyes series for 10 years and has worked for all the major TV companies such as Granada, ITV, BBC and Channel 4.

Tony then diversified by turning his talents to the music industry, appearing on videos and dancing at major music events such as the Brit Awards. He also entered the fashion world, modelling for companies such as Adidas, Nike and Boss. His corporate work has led him to choreograph for companies such as Courts and Cadbury Schweppes, as well as staging and choreographing fashion shows abroad. Alongside writing and directing theatre-based projects he is joint Head of Dance at Performers College. Tony now concentrates on choreographing and teaching both nationally and internationally. For example, working with ‘Coda’ for a number of years. Working to develop the student's Tap dance ability and their understanding of contemporary jazz. In conjunction with other members of the Coda team, helping to open students minds to performing and life lessons.

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