Maximillian Jarish

Jazz Lecturer

After three years of training at Bird College, Maximilian graduated in 2017 with a diploma in professional dance and musical theatre and since has been performing, teaching and choreographing all around the world. In April of Max’s final year at college, he was cast in the brand new U.K. tour of ‘SKIN’ with 201 dance company.

Whilst on tour, Maximilian also danced in music videos, at festivals and concerts around the U.K. Maximilian's teaching career began at Studio 68 London and since then Max has taught at renowned dance camps, colleges and studios all around the world. Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Romania and France are just a few of the countries Max has taught in this year. Max has also been lucky enough to choreograph for various European TV shows, dance agencies and American dance companies.

Even though Max has spent most of his career delivering workshops abroad, when he is in the U.K he teaches for the renowned dance convention CYD as well as delivering workshops at London dance colleges and dance schools all around the U.K helping to inspire to the next generation of artists.

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