Alex Montgomery-Fleming

Associate Lecturer In Ballet

Alex Montgomery-Fleming embarked on a professional ballet training journey at the age of 11 at the prestigious Royal Ballet School (White Lodge). At 14, under the mentorship of David Yow, Alex’s aspirations evolved. Inspired to become a ballet teacher, Alex's focus shifted towards imparting knowledge and passion for dance to future generations.

This newfound ambition propelled Alex to further training at Elmhurst Ballet School, an institution intricately linked to The Birmingham Royal Ballet. During this period, Alex performed with the company in 'The Nutcracker,' showcasing exceptional talent and dedication. A significant milestone in Alex's journey was the opportunity to tour and perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

Teaching, an innate passion, took centre stage in Alex's life. During sixth form, Alex initiated an extensive research project, exploring the nuances of music in ballet training. This academic pursuit, coupled with practical experience, prepared Alex for a meaningful career in dance education.
Post-graduation in 2019, Alex dedicated his expertise to various dance schools across Birmingham teaching students of all ages. Driven by a deep commitment to inclusivity, Alex became an arts facilitator at the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies. Conducting Ballet workshops, especially tailored for individuals with disabilities, Alex honed adaptive teaching techniques, showcasing dance’s transformative power.

A crowning achievement in Alex’s career was working with the University Of Birmingham’s Dance Society. Leading weekly intermediate and advanced ballet classes, Alex also took on the role of choreographer, crafting a captivating ballet piece inspired by the iconic television series "Peaky Blinders." This choreography earned accolades, winning first place in competitions across the country, including one judged by Olivia Cowley, a soloist of the Royal Ballet Company.

After becoming the youngest person to achieve the Royal Academy Of Dance’s Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma with a high distinction in 2021, Alex is currently an esteemed instructor on the Birmingham Royal Ballet's Dance Track program. In 2023, Alex began working with Performers College, where his emphasis has shifted towards helping students to securing coveted contracts in the dance and performance industry. Eager to witness the growth of these aspiring artists, Alex mentors them, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges and triumphs that come with a professional performing career. In these roles, Alex not only imparts technical skills but also shares the profound joy of dance, making an enduring impact on the future of the dance world.

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