Masterclass: Layla Ellison

24 September, 2021

Layla is a London based creative and has enjoyed a varied and lengthy career in the Dance & Entertainment industry. Her extensive knowledge and experience spans TV, Film, Concert Tours, Fashion, corporate Entertainment and work with No. 1 artists.

Layla has worked with our students both in a workshop and choreography environment. She has empowered many of our students with the skills needed to carry them forward with confidence into the commercial dance world. Her invaluable knowledge and understanding of what is needed to succeed allows our students to thrive whilst training and move forward with confidence as a professional dancer.

Here’s what Performers College student Kamarah Cornwall had to say about the experience;

Kamarah Cornwall

“I will always be eternally grateful to get the opportunity to work with Layla! It has been the most rewarding experience to just be in her presence. I have truly learned so much from her and I am so appreciative that she has been able to share her time, creativity, wisdom and endless knowledge of the industry.”

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