Level 3 Extended Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance

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A 2-year full-time diploma available at:

Our extremely successful Pre-Vocational Course, with its impressive student audition/destination success rate, will be replaced by a brand-new Level 3 Extended Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance

This is a two-year, full-time course, fully accredited by RSL, which has been specifically designed to provide a highly practical further education course that is focused and dedicated to Performing Arts.

Performers College is delighted to be able to offer students this exciting course that will be guided by a team of specialist tutors and industry professionals at our purpose-built Essex campus.

During the 18.5 hours per week contact study time, students will develop a strong technique in a range of dance styles and discover musical theatre and creative performance in addition to studying for the academic qualifications required to advance within this field and continue their education.

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During the two years of training, classes will include jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap, commercial, body conditioning, musical theatre, acting, singing and performance classes.

Audition preparation and technique will be a key aspect of the training, ensuring that students are fully prepared to enter the next level of their education, whether it is on a degree programme or full-time vocational training.

Performers College places emphasis on providing a balanced curriculum that offers personal challenges, development, and encourages self-discipline in a safe, protective learning environment.


Course Specification

Mode of Attendance: Full-Time

Length of Course: Two years

Awarding Institution: RSL

Funding Partner: New College Swindon

Campus Delivery: Essex

Language of Study: English

Final Award: RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance

Minimum Requirements

Three GCSEs including English and Maths, or two GCSEs including English and Maths on the condition that the other is retaken during the duration of the course.

You may be able to retake GCSE English and Maths exams alongside your training on the Extended Diploma, at the discretion of the Admissions team.

Applicants will be required to attend an audition and demonstrate some ability in dance and singing.

Course Fees

Free to UK & EU students aged 16 – 18 (subject to academic requirements)

Year 1

Class names and structure may be subject to change.

You will aim to develop skills and understanding to build a strong technical foundation. Additionally, classes will focus on your performance, including style specific combinations.

You will aim to develop skills and understanding to build a strong classical foundation. Additionally, classes will explore musicality and artistry within the classical form.

Within this class you will be introduced to a variety of techniques found in commercial dance styles.

You will explore a variety of contemporary styles, allowing for individual expression and freedom of movement and exploring travel, space, and breath.

Class 1 – Mind

Our mindfulness classes will aim to nurture a healthy attitude to self and to others. You will develop strategies to manage stress and workload within professional practice, supporting a positive approach towards our mental health.

Class 2 – Body

The classes will focus on Safe Dance Practice, covering subjects including nutrition, injury prevention and management, anatomy, and physiology.

Within this class you will develop contextual awareness of the subject areas covered within the indicative course content. You will be encouraged to explore reflective practice and develop skills in critical analysis.

Within this class you will develop your character creation and enhance performance ability. You will develop your communication skills and audition preparation will be a key study topic.

A collaborative class linking your Musical Theatre studies to develop and enhance your work and techniques, from rehearsal through to production. This will incorporate ensemble singing, acting and dance.

You will understand, develop, and apply the key fundamental skills in tap dance. You will explore rhythm, dynamics, and varying styles.

Year 2

Class names and structure may be subject to change.

Within this class you will continue to develop a contextual awareness of the subject areas covered within the indicative course content. You will be encouraged to refine reflective practice and develop your writing skills and critical analysis.

Class 1 – Mind

Continued mental resilience will remain our focus.  

Class 1 – Body

Continued focus of safe dance practice and injury prevention. To include body conditioning, training techniques and dance fitness. 

This class will provide you with the skills and confidence you need as you prepare for the audition process specifically within Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary.

This unit will prepare you for the specific requirements needed to successfully audition for a higher-level Musical theatre course, incorporating audition techniques in singing, acting and dance.

This unit will explore your ability to deliver your songs with a focus on the character, context, and acting skills alongside your vocal delivery.  Repertoire will be prepared and practiced to performance level.

Within this class we will continue to unite the skills from the three Musical Theatre disciplines to produce a variety of performance opportunities.

This unit will develop your creative and collaborative styles as you work with creators within your course and across a mixture of art forms. You will cover a variety of styles, genres, and disciplines.

Within this class your focus will be to develop knowledge, skills and ability in the jazz dance styles that are synonymous with Musical Theatre. You will gain an increased understanding of the history of Jazz Dance within Musical Theatre.

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