Three Year Diploma Course

Performers College offers a three year full time professional course leading to The Diploma in Professional Dance or The Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre, in addition to The Performers College Diploma. The Diploma is validated by Trinity College, London and is set at level 6 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Performers College has been deemed to be an Exemplary Provider of The Diplomas. The Diplomas are equivalent to a BA (Hons) degree and following graduation students have the opportunity to convert their diploma to a degree. Students are also able to study for the ISTD teaching exams (DDE) in the subjects of tap, ballet and modern. This is an extra curricular subject. All students have access to a well equipped gymnasium.

Year One

The first year serves as an introduction to the various core subjects by providing a thorough grounding in technique and a theoretical understanding of the subject matter. Within the training, the first year aims to establish an awareness of a performers’ life style, for the purpose of developing a healthy, thinking, able performer capable of further training in pursuit of a professional career. Continual assessments are made throughout the course to monitor progress. Subjects will include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Singing, Music Theory, Acting, Voice, Anatomy & Physiology, Gymnastics, Health & Safety, Pilates (Body conditioning) and Contextual Studies. At the end of the first year students are guided to the right course of study to suit their individual strengths, enabling the student to develop their skills in order to reach their full potential.

Year Two

The second year of the course aims to build on the core subjects with the emphasis on further strengthening and broadening of technique. As students are now following their specialized course, the focus is on developing skills and knowledge and encouraging an analytical and artistic approach to the practical and theoretical work in preparation for the graduating year. Both courses study the same subjects but with varying emphasis in certain areas. Musical Theatre students will have the opportunity to study musicianship, singing and acting in greater depth, whilst the Dance students have the opportunity to study choreography and additional dance styles.

Year Three

The main emphasis in the third year is to prepare the students for their intended profession. Professional Employment Skills are key, and individual career aims are addressed. Many students benefit from work experience which is accessed via the College Agency and the many staff who still work within the industry. Work opportunities range from Pantomimes, Corporate Work and TV appearances. A main feature of the third year is performance experience. Four productions for each course are prepared: Dance students create their own show, perform in a showcase created by the staff and have the opportunity to appear in a play. Musical Theatre students perform in a musical revue, a musical theatre production and a play. All students take part in the Annual College show which leads to the celebration of graduation day. All productions act as a showcase for agents, directors and choreographers.

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